Our Journey

Conscious consumers, welcome to Banushpack: the definitive range of ethnic bags that reflect our passionately-held values of fairtrade and sustainability.

Read more to find out Banushpack’s 10-year journey from the mystical and mythical village of Sirince in Turkey to right here in the UK!

The Banushpack has in fact been in existence for many years, in the form of an iconic bag that Firat’s mum, Banu, picked up from a local artisan from the Turkish village of Sirince, when on her travels over 10 years ago.

Let’s talk about Sirince….

Sirince is a quaint village of just six hundred inhabitants built on the mountains of Izmir Province, close to the ancient city of Ephesus. It is both a revered UNESCO world heritage site and a significant multi-faith destination.

In recent years this spiritual village became the ‘safe haven’ for those undertaking the pilgrimage to find refuge from the 2012 apocalypse predicted by the Mayan tradition. New age mystical visionaries believed the ‘positive energy’ rooted in this sacred space would aid in the weathering of a predicted doomsday catastrophe.

Whether or not the spiritual power of Sirince extends quite this far, many undertook the pilgrimage and experienced for themselves the phenomenon described by Greek writer Dido Soteriou in this short tribute:

‘If there is paradise on earth then Sirince is surely part of it’.

(Farewell Antonia)

Muslims and Christians alike come to Sirince to visit the historically renowned ‘House of Mary’, the house in which it is believed that the Virgin Mary ascended to Heaven.

Back to the UK....

Banu’s bag delivered lashings of boho Turkish style. It was the perfect bag -  the right size, the right weight, the right balance of understatement and colour pop. The more she travelled around with it everyone asked her where she got it, and how they could get their hands on one!

The quality of workmanship involved was plain for all to see, the very same bag that Banu initially bought lasted season after season, eventually exceeding all expectations and lasting Banu over 10 years!

Indeed, this beautiful bohemian bag perfectly encapsulated the mythical vibe of Sirince and was beautifully finished with an attention to detail we hadn’t seen before and certainly haven’t seen since.

After seeing Banu’s bag get such lovely responses from so many people, in 2018 we reached out to Gorkem, the artisan who made the bag and learned a bit about the small factory he owns and runs with his father.

Gorkem and his team are enterprisingly ahead of the game when it comes to sustainability and ensure that all their staff are paid fairly. When they told us that they wanted to make a beautiful range of bags from fabric offcuts from a neighbouring upholstery factory, the time felt right for us to make an order, so we asked him to manufacture 4 unique styles of bags for us and help us bring these unique, and beautiful bags to us right here in the UK.

So here we are...

A fresh and exciting reimagining of a beautiful and unique bohemian bag: the product of a process we believe in.

We are proud to shout about the squeaky clean ethics of our bag:

> Fair trade
> Low waste
> 100% plastic free, reusable packaging

Shop now, for your own slice of bohemian Turkish style!