About us

Hello, and thanks for popping by! We are Firat and Petya, a Turkish/Bulgarian husband and wife team with a passion for style and sustainability raising our family in rural Essex.

We both have day jobs: Firat is an Airbnb host and DJ, and Petya is a digital marketing whizz. We set up Banushpack in 2019 to share some very special bags that Firat’s mum discovered on her travels to a beautiful little village built along the mountains of Western Anatolia over 10 years ago.

We describe our lifestyle as ‘ecoluxe’ - is this a word? It is now! It’s fair to say that we have an eye for a luxury item, but on the flip-side, we’re also not bothered by designer labels and viral fads.

With different cultural backgrounds behind us and a passion for travel we enjoy discovering hidden gems and bringing a bit of eclectic European chic to our lifestyle.

But we also have a conscience.

It’s impossible to hide from the environmental impact of fast fashion, be it for clothing, accessories or interiors and this is something we constantly keep in mind. We only purchase with purpose. We need the things we buy to last, to outlive current trends and add value to or lifestyle by being useful, beautiful and ethical.

We cannot claim to be zero-waste but we try to live a low waste lifestyle and raise our son to understand the value of the items we own, and the planet we borrow. The fabrics that were used in the manufacture of the bags were fabric offcuts that would otherwise have gone to waste, and we post our all our bags plastic-free in a sustainably sourced cotton drawstring bag in a green jiffy bag sealed with non-plastic tape.

We package in this way, so as to be friendly to the environment, and so that our customers can reuse the packaging in any way that they see fit!

As you will read in on the "Our Journey" page, the Banushpack is more than just a product to us. We started the company early in 2019 after realising just how many people loved Firat’s mum’s bag (the original Banushpack), and wanted to bring it to a wider audience.

During this process we fell totally in love with the bags we sourced, both for the beautiful pieces they are and the heart and soul we believe goes into their micro scale manufacture.

We wanted to make Banu’s one of a kind accessory available to like minded friends in the UK without compromising in quality or integrity and we’re proud to say that we have achieved this.

I hope you’ll agree that our Banushpacks capture a little piece of Turkish mysticism, steeped in the local history of the beautiful village of Sirince and delivering ethnic charm to everyone who wears one.

An affordable luxury for our customers, sourced ethically and sustainably

Shop now for your own slice of bohemian Turkish style!